Whoever thinks of Zandvoort, will immediately think of sun, sea and sand. Zandvoort has a long time reputation as the best-known resort town of Noord Holland. Traditionally Zandvoort is known for its wide beaches, dunes and the center. Throughout the year there are big and small events being organized. 

Of course you the beach is a known place to sunbathe in the summer. But also in  other seasons Zandvoort offers a great atmosphere on the beach. Jogging, fresh air or just to enjoy, occasionally, the ferocious North Sea, everything is possible. Also, dogs are allowed. This is, however, not permitted throughout the year, for more information click here

The variation in vegetation is very large and therefore we see a rich flora and fauna. In Kennemerduinen there are many foxes, deer and rabbits, but also all kinds of birds, insects and amphibians. There are also several species of bats that sleep and hibernate in the old bunkers left over from World War II. There are also cattle, sheep and horses plotted in this area. Do not worry if you are cycling or walking in this beautiful area and suddenly a herd of Highland cattleare blocking the way. Just leave them be and walk around them in a large circle. Nowadays bisons also graze, the last wild bisons of Europe! To view these beautiful animals a special viewing point was made near the lake where the bisons drink. Kraansvlak is an open dune area with remnants of a maritime village landscape. There are playgrounds on site and some cattle and ponies graze there.

Circuit Park Zandvoort 
Inseparable from the seaside resort, there is Zandvoort's Circuit Park. A legendary and internationally acclaimed circuit, loved by both athlete and spectator with a history that goes back more than 60 years. There are dozens of events annually that make the hearts of tens of thousands of race fans beat faster. Besides several spectacular national motor sport, the events calendar also knows the international highlights like the German Tourwagon Masters (DTM) and the Masters of Formula 3.

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